Meet the CDC Team


Our multilingual and multicultural dentists and staff are gentle, kind and compassionate. They will try to make your dental experience easy, fast and pleasant.
Languages that are spoken by our staff include English, Hmong, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, Burmese, French, Farsi, Oromo, Somali, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Amharic, Marathi, Punjabi, Swahili, Dinka, Luganda, Ukrainian, German, Russian, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Karen and Nepali.


Maplewood Clinic
Dr. Aram Mazhary Dr. Katherine Sievert
Dr. Ashu Malhotra Dr. Katy Connell
Dr. Bao Tran Dr. Megan Welborn
Dr. Brandon Preuss Dr. Nicole Napier
Dr. Daniel DeNucci Dr. Noah Berge
Dr. David Schuweiler Dr. Pa Yang
Dr. Diane Fish  Dr. Shivan Nelson 
Dr. Emilio Galarraga Dr. Todd Billington
Dr. Erin Topley Dr. Vacharee Peterson
Dr. Hibaq Mohamed  
Robbinsdale Clinic
Dr. Brianna Berg Dr. Lao Vang
Dr. Brian Singletary Dr. Marina Michael 
Dr. Elizabeth Laabs Dr. Pallavi Bhosale
Dr. Janna Holmgren Dr. Tyler Beinlich
Dr. Keira Nicholson  
Rochester - Eastwood Clinic
Dr. Christina Ganfield
Dr. Muna Abudayyeh
Dr. Jessica Waterbury Dr. Patrick McGann
Dr. Molly Jarret Dr. Vivian Cuevas
St. Paul Clinic
Dr. Aroone Vang Dr. Luke Sharpe
Dr. Carl Ebert Dr. Nicholas Weinand
Dr. Jennifer Watkins Dr. Prabhjot Arora
Dr. Kyley Lebens Dr. Ritu Aggarwal
Dr. Lincy Paul Dr. Shelly Stecker
Hospital Dentistry
Dr. Tyler Beinlich


Dental Therapist 

Erika Haycraft, DT


Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer
Karen Flanagan Kleinhans, MHA
Meet Our New CEO - coming soon! 
Chief Financial Officer
Phil Lacher
Dental Director
Katherine Sievert, DDS
Interim Dental Director
Shivan Nelson, DDS 

General Managers
Maplewood Clinic
Bonnie Seymour

Saint Paul Clinic
Carolyn Bass

Robbinsdale Clinic
Sean Yang

HR Director
Kori Carlson

Director of Programs
Ann Copeland

Call Center Manager
Nary Lor

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