Without the generous support from our donors, we would not be able to provide much needed dental care to the 50,000 Minnesotans we care for each year. We are deeply grateful for your support! To all of you; generous individuals, associations, businesses and special-fund decision makers, we can’t express enough gratitude for the work we have been able to do and the care we have been able to provide for the thousands of individuals – children, families, the elderly, everyone we can possibly serve – with quality dental care that they need and deserve. Thank you, for helping care for your neighbors-in-need, and for contributing to their overall health and well-being by supporting Community Dental Care.

Mayo Clinic
MAXIMUS Foundation
Medica Foundation
Minnesota Dental Foundation
Minnesota Department of Health
Mount Sinai Community Foundation
Olmsted Medical Center
Otto Bremer Trust
The Oehlke Family Foundation of the Saint Paul Foundation
Park Dental Foundation
Patterson Foundation
Pohlad Family Foundation
Ray Edwards Memorial Trust   
Rochester Area Foundation
Roseville Area Community Foundation
The Saint Paul Foundation
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Foundation
Taishoff Family Foundation
UCare Foundation
WCA Foundation

Foundations & Corporations

3M Foundation
ADA Foundation
Amazon Smiles Foundation
American Dental Association - Samuel D. Harris Foundation
America’s ToothFairy National Children’s Oral Health Foundation
Beautykind Foundation
Boston Scientific Foundation
Bush Foundation
Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation 
CVS Caremark Charitable Trust
Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation
Dr. Martin & Mary Campion Fund
Faegre Baker Daniels Foundation
F.R. Bigelow Foundation 
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Hardenbergh Foundation   
HealthEast Foundation
Healthier Minnesota Community Clinic Fund
Henry Schein Cares Foundation
Mardag Foundation 

Intelligent Touch Dental Laboratory
Jensen and Jensen, DDS, PA
Lexis Nexis  
Metropolitan Pediatric Specialist  
Metropolitan State University
MN Community Health Worker Alliance
Patterson Dental
People In Business Care, Inc.  
People’s Food Co-op - Rochester
Peterson and Peterson, DDS, PA
Rochester Family Eye Clinic, LLC
Rotary Club of Crystal, New Hope, Robbinsdale 
Sam’s Club
Schad-Tracy Signs, Inc
STAR – City of Saint Paul  
Sunset Dental Technologies
Thai Christian Fellowship
Udell Dental Laboratory, Inc
University of Minnesota
United Way of Olmstead County
University of Minnesota Community Health Initiative
White Bear Country Inn
White Castle
Widseth Smith Nolting & Assoc. INC

Business and Organizations

50’s Grill
Allina Health
AmeriCorps VISTA
Argosy, Student American Dental Hygiene Association
Argosy University
Arthur J Gallagher & Co.
Benco Dental
Bear Creek Services
Bremer Bank
Bremer Insurance Agencies, Inc
Buffalo Wild Wings - Maplewood
Burger King - Maplewood
Cardinal of Minnesota, LTD
Caribou Coffee
Chick-Fil-A, Inc
Chipotle - Rochester
Christine Smalley Consulting, LLC  
CostCo - Maplewood  
Crest Oral-B
Custom Alarm
Darby Dental Supply, LLC
Denny’s Restaurant - Maplewood
Direct Benefits, Inc.  
Dunn Brother’s Coffee
Eastwood Bank
First Unitarian Universalist Church
Hyvee - Rochester

Individual Donors

Nancy Lee
Ann and Gary Lensing
Chelsea and Michale LeTourneau
Jim and Erinn Letts
Tina Liebling and Mark Liebow
James and Cindy Lilly
Erik Lindseth and Kristin Benson
Stephen Litton
Russell J. Loomis  
Cedric and Karen Long
Nary Lor  
Chong Lor
Chia Linda Ly and Pheng Vang
Diane Lysen
Katheen Ly
Jane and Charlie Maier
Jennifer Mateer
Tom Mayer 
Aram Mazhary
Patricia Ann Mcllvenne
Jill and Brad Mclemore
Maxwell Meinerz
Joel Miller
Linda Milligan
James Mills
Mary Moench and Michael Gotzsche
Ivonne Moran
Stephanie Morgan
Ivonne Moran  
Katherine and Jim Mullin
Kara Mullins
Nicole Napier
Audrey Nelson
John L. Nelson  
Kathleen Nelson
Shivan Nelson
William Nelson  
Trang Nguyen  
Janet Nicol
Ronald Nida
Bridget O’Boyle and James Rabidue
Peter and Margo Oetliker
Fred Ogimachi
Sally O'Hara
Trudy Ohnsorg  
Christina O’Rourke
Arron Olson
Mitsi O’neill
Eric Overby
Chintana Paramagul and Richard Parsell  
Amy Pearson
Andrew and Vacharee Peterson
Jesse and Anjana Petsch
Davita Petty
Birch Pham
Cammi Phetsireuang
Robert and Amy Pickering
Alana Popp
The Pickhardt Resnick Family Fund
Walter Pickhardt  and Sandra Resnick
Keren and Peter Price
Tim and Dawn Prinsen
Katherine Quinn 
Jonathan Ramirez
Thue and Uttara Rasmussen
David Resch
Daisy Rios
Val and Craig Rittler
Amara Robinson  
Julio Rodriguez
Randall Romes and Ann Bloodhart
Adam Rusinak  
Mary Ann Saccenti
Liliana Sanchaz
Carmen Savage
Matthew Schaap  
Joel Schieck
Penny Schroeder
Dean and Bonnie Seymour  
Luke Sharpe
Adul and Pat Siriphasraporn
Jim and Judy Sloan
Linda Kay and Michael Smith
Sarah Smith
Sophia Smoka  
Shana Sniffen
De Mo Soe
Ted and Cathy Spear  
William and Krista Spence
Phongsak and Chonnipa Srisawat
Fanny Starns   
Ben Stevens
Diane Stewart
James Sturm
Robert and Gong Substad
Donald and Stephanie Supalla
April Sutor  
Lisa Talcott
Sarah Tate  
Lisa Ann Taylor
A Thao
Bee Thao and Linda Xiong
See Thao   
Mai Houa Thao
Va Thao
Merry Jo Thoele
Robert Thompson  
Blia Thor
Erica Ting
Erin Topley
David Trinh
Donald and Carolyn Udell
Franz Ulrich and Lisa Bormann
Rich and Marian Van Dellen
Jodi Vance  
Sara VanDemark
Aroone Vang
Pa Chua Vang
Xee Cha Lee Vang
Palia Vangh
Claudia Vann
Jocelyn and Timothy Walton
Jonathan Watson  
Emily Weichert
Karel Weigel
Nicholas Weinand  
Mary Weinand
Ellen Weiss
Gregory and Erin Wenz
Lauren Wesley Secrist
Rachel Williams
Laurie and Jeffrey Willhite
Charles and Barbara Withers
Douglas Wolff
Phillip Yang and Song Xiong  
Toyoko Yamashina
Cana Yang
Crystal Yang
Khou Yang
Kia Yang  
Lou Yang
Pamela Yang
Patrick Yang  
Peter Yang
Yee and Chou Maggie Yang
Mark and Tiffany Zitzewitz


Anonymous Donor
Selam Abraham
Jay and Rachaneeporn Adams 
Joe Agostino 
Marty Aleman
Fatima Ali
Craig and Kristie Amundson
Don and Linda Anderson  
Maud Arend
Gerald and Karen Argo
Robert and Bobbi Aronson
Mario Arreola  
Sawakoon Tok Aye
Joseph Baldwin
Kelly Bahr-Shogren
Andrea Barcenas  
Jim Barton
Cheryl Basich
Carolyn Bass  
Clarence Bass
Kristine Bausch  
Sheila Bayle
Suzanne M. Beatty  
Tyler Beinlich
Claire Beltran
Kenneth Bence and Nancy Nord-Bence
Nizar Benhaj
Jeff Bennett
Noah Berge
Maggie Biebler
Todd Billington
Kris and Bob Billman
Meghan Black
Nancy Blakestad
Beverly Bolton  
Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd, Jr.
Kate Borman  
Colleen Brickle
Criag Britton
Doug and Susie Brown
Jason Brown
Lana Brown  
Barbara Bruger
Denise and Wesley Bue
Joe and Susan Buelow
Richard and Karen Burton
Gregory and Jill Byer
Dr. Martin and Mary Campion Donor Advised Fund
Jane Campion
Mary Campion
Greg Carlson   
Kori Carlson
Alan Carr
Donna Carr  
Valeng Cha
Jennifer Chalmers  
Maylee Chang
Stephen Chase
Alessandra Chiareli
Luis Enrique Chavez Campos
Mark Cipos
Sarah Clarke
Bronwyn and Kennedy Cole
Kent Confeld
Steve and Ann Copeland
Valeria Cristiani and Bradley Karon
Laura Dahle
Jerry Daigle 
Eileen Deitcher
Adele Della Torre
Leonard DeMuth
James Dodds  
Narisra Domrongwattanakul
Mary Doruff
Frank and Virginia Doten  
Craig and Gloria Drake
Lacie Drogen  
Carl Ebert
Elizabeth Eggert
Amanda Elbert
Amy and Dale Elbert  
Janet Erie
Jeffrey Erickson
James Fennell
Thomas and Vicki Fields
Diane Fish
Dianne Fitch
Stephen and Kim Flanagan
Linda Fomasina
Roy Fried
Amy and Troy Fulton
Bayissa Gerbi and Misgane Hordofe
James and Julianna Gilkinson
Louann Goodnough
Peter and Kathy Green
Kathleen Grimm 
Jadilyn Grittner
Leanna Gsell
Susan Gunderson
Santa Guzman
Tracey Hagemeier 
Marilyn Haglund
Harley and Sally Hanson
Michael and Carol Hansen
Jon and Penny Hanson  
Tatyana Harvey
Mariko Hayashi
Dean and Sharon Hedlund
John and Diane Herman 
Dana and Becky Hlebichuk
Barbara J. Hoeker
Elizabeth Hofer
Elizabeth Holmgren
Michelle Holst
Phyllis Hopf
Mariko Hyashi
Nancy Hylden
Lindsey Ingeman
Lori Jacobwith
Chris and Diane Johnson  
Dale and Linda Jorgenson
David Kane
Jewell and Travis Kaufman
Jane Kelly
Kristen Kenny
Chris and Catherine Kervandijan
Sheila Kiscaden
Karen Flanagan Kleinhans 
Ardis Koppen
Paulette Kotila
Shelly Kramer
Randal and Rachel Kroll  
Natalia Kubantseva
Elizabeth Kue  
Peter Kumasaka
Philip and Debra Lacher
Hans Lakhan
Kathryn Lange
Kathleen Lapham
Moo Lar  
Irving Larson
Kathryn Lea
Dolly Lee
Ge Lee
Julie Lee
Kong Houa Lee