Patient Stories

Your gifts to Community Dental Care help people who find themselves in tough financial and emergency situations.

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"My name is Jennifer. I just wanted to speak with you about the gentleman that cleaned my teeth today. I just would like you to know how much I appreciated him. He has a fabulous demeanor and a warm, inviting personality. I think he'd be great working with kids. I have had some very awful experiences in my past at other dentists. Too often, we, as people, tend to only speak about someone if it's in a negative context. Thank you for your time. He made my visit wonderful! P.S. Your entire staff, as a whole, have all been great. The women at the front desk deserve recognition as well!" 


Nearly half of our patients come to our clinic as dental emergencies. Amy walked in our clinic doors with a swollen face. She arrived with her husband and an American Sign Language interpreter. Both Amy and Frank are hearing impaired.  

Amy pleaded to be seen immediately. She explained she had been feeling sick for three weeks and did not know the cause of her pain was due to an abscess. She explained how she was turned down everywhere until finally landing in the hospital. Once she arrived at the hospital, they gave her antibiotics and referred her to our clinic for treatment. She told the financial coordinator that she felt discriminated against and ignored by the other clinics and hospital because she was hearing impaired. She felt as though no one took the time to help her. Amy’s abscess was making her so sick that she vomited in our waiting room. Amy was embarrassed, frustrated and frantic because on top of this, her insurance was inactive and she wasn’t sure how she would cover the cost.

After being seen by our dentist for an extraction, Amy’s demeanor changed completely. She was no longer frantic and finally felt relief. We provided a mini-grant to cover the cost of her emergency visit that day. She was grateful for the care she received and apologized to our staff in case she had offended anyone when she first arrived. She explained how desperate she felt at that moment and how she could not stand the pain any longer. She expressed her gratitude and told our staff that she finally felt respected as a human being. Now both Amy and Frank are patients at our clinic and they also plan on bringing their children. 


At 67 years old, Mary did not have dental insurance and felt miserable because of her toothache. Without the help from Community Dental Care dentists, she would still be in pain. “I was very happy with the service I received. Didn’t have an appointment but I was able to see a dentist in about one hour. I will refer my granddaughter who is looking for a dentist.”


Sam, 26 years old, needed an extraction. The pain was causing him headaches and a sore jaw. He explained to our dentist that he’d been dealing with this pain on and off for three months and that it was the worst pain he’s ever felt. When asked about his experience he said, “They did an extraordinary job. Don’t know what I would have done without you guys!”