Our Communities Have a Need
Tens of thousands of people cannot access or afford quality, basic dentistry.

There are thousands of people in our communities who face multiple barriers to receiving the dental care they need.

The basic reason is financial; but other reasons may include lack of insurance, limited English proficiency, lack of transportation, inability to take time off from work, the need for childcare, lack of education about how poor oral health can adversely affect overall health, cultural beliefs, fear of dentistry, and more.

Poor oral hygiene and poor oral health can lead to larger health and economic problems for individuals and families.

At Community Dental Care, we welcome people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to receive comprehensive dental care and we break down barriers both economic and social.

Why We Need Your Help

Community Dental Care is a safety-net clinic, providing dental care to nearly 50,000 patients annually.

More than 90 percent of our patients are either on public assistance or are uninsured. While we are reimbursed for dental care provided to public-program patients, our revenue for services is less than half that of private-practice dental clinics. In fact, Minnesota ranks 49th out of the 50 states for Medicaid reimbursement rates for children needing dental care and 46th for adults.

In addition to the financial challenges presented by low Medicaid reimbursement rates, we offer dental care free of charge or at reduced rates for many patients unable to pay for their care. We provide about $1.5 million in charity care each year.

In addition, donations help support our community programs. These include in-clinic preventative education for children and family members; outreach presentations at local schools and community centers; a school-based prevention program; a program to provide preventative education in collaboration with local medical clinics; and a clinical training program for dental therapy, dental assistant, dental hygiene, community health worker, and nursing students.

We Address This Need

Community Dental Care is a professional, not-for-profit organization that welcomes children, families, and the elderly from all income groups and diverse ethnic backgrounds to receive high quality, comprehensive dental care in a convenient, caring, and respectful environment. It is one of only a few Minnesota community dental clinics that focuses on providing comprehensive dental care for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our mission is to provide culturally sensitive community oral health care, preventive education and professional training, and access to all. We believe inclusivity strengthens and enriches every aspect of our organization and our community. We welcome our neighbors from all over the state of Minnesota, serving patients from 63 of the 87 Minnesota counties.

Our staff represent the communities we serve with more than 65 percent representing a racial or ethnic minority. We also speak over 25 languages.

About Community Dental Care

We began welcoming patients as a not-for-profit in 2005 in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 2008, we opened our second clinic in nearby Maplewood. In 2012, we opened a clinic in Rochester in the RCTC Heintz Center. In 2014, we launched a fourth location, in Robbinsdale. We opened our fifth clinic, in the Eastwood neighborhood of Rochester, in 2017.

Our Patients Are Diverse

  • Nearly 50,000 patients every year

  • Over 60% minority

  • More than 25 languages spoken

  • Nearly 50% children

  • About 35% of all patients are new each year

  • About 85% receive public program insurance

  • About 8% are uninsured

Here’s How Your Donations Are Used

• $1,150 will sponsor 10 Mini-Grants to emergency patients in need 

• $500 will cover the cost of restorative treatment for a child  

• $250 will help cover the costs of training a dental hygiene, dental assisting, advanced dental therapy, nursing, or community health worker student in culturally sensitive community oral health care 

• $115 will sponsor a Mini-Grant to cover costs of an emergency visit (exam, x-rays and extraction) for an uninsured patient in pain 

• $30 will cover the cost of a dental sealant for a child’s first permanent molar to prevent cavities from developing 

• $12 will purchase an adult Spinbrush, toothpaste, and floss kit for a pregnant mom