Volunteer Opportunities



Helping Serve the Underserved

We have openings for volunteers at all of our locations for those that are interested in learning what Community Dentistry is all about. While we do not take any volunteers to work directly on patients, we are a good stepping stone for those new to the bright world of dentistry.

From our diverse patient base to complex and interesting cases, Clinical Volunteers get the opportunity to shadow our doctors and assistants in their every day work environment. Along with being hands on in the sterilization room, Clinical Volunteers will get a wide exposure to dental terms and knowledge. (Those under the age of 18, or those without their Hepititas B Vaccination, will only be available to shadow the doctors and will not be able to do hands on sterilization.)

We also have our Program to Improve Community Oral Health (PICOH) Volunteers who focus on one-on-one education with pregnant mothers and children who are at high risk for cavities. Through motivational interviewing and education, we hope to prevent dental problems from developing at home - before they even get to the clinic!

If you are interested, please fill out our online application and we will contact you via email or phone after we have reviewed our openings and availibility.

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