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Dentists in Maplewood, St. Paul, & Rochester, MN

Our multilingual and multicultural dentists and staff are gentle, kind and compassionate. They will try to make your dental experience easy, fast and pleasant.

Our clinic staff are experienced in delivering treatment through the communication services of interpreters. Languages spoken include Hmong, Thai, Laotian, Vietnamese, Karen, French, Farsi, Oromo, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, and German.


Management Staff
  • Vacharee S. Peterson, DDS Chief Executive Officer
  • Phil Lacher, Chief Financial Officer
  • Carolyn Bass, St. Paul General Manager
  • Bonnie Seymour, Maplewood General Manager
  • Tiffany Young, Rochester General Manager
  • Kori Schultz, Human Resources Director


Alyson Siegrist, DDS
Amanda Elbert, DDS    
Aram Mazhary, DDS      
Aroone Vang, DDS
Audrey Perkins, DDS
Brent Sorenson, DDS
Carl Ebert, DDS
Christina Ganfield, BDS
Diane Fish, DDS 
Erik Davis, DDS
Erin Topley, DDS
Hibaq Mohamed, DDS
Jennifer Watkins, DDS

Jessica Grabouski, DDS

Justin Stevens, DDS
Kara Mullins, DDS  
Katherine Sievert, DDS



Kathryn Connell, DDS
Kellee Stanton, DDS

Lee DeKrey, DDS
Lucy Gores, DDS

Luke Sharpe, DDS
Mallory Gowey, DDS
Muna Abu Dayyeh, DMD
Nicholas Weinand, DDS
Nicole Napier, DDS   
Noah Berge, DDS
Ritu Aggarwal, BDS       
Ross Schafer, DDS
Sanket Nagarkar, DDS
Shelly Stecker, DDS   
Shivan Nelson, DDS 
Vacharee Peterson, DDS




Board of Directors

Vacharee S. Peterson, DDS

Board Chair
Cedric Long

Vice Chair
Craig W. Amundson, DDS

Matthew J. Schaap, Esq.


Bob Thompson, DDS
Clarence Bass, PhD
Sharon Hedlund
Uttara Rasmussen, PhD
Walter Pickhardt
Linda Kay Smith

Andrew F. Peterson, DDS
Chris Johnson
Joe Buelow



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